Under the bright lights of Nashville, Levi Austin is a country music superstar whose life is rocked by the tragic death of his former wife, leaving him to raise their two daughters alone. Now faced with having to tell his girls, and making the hard decision about where they’ll live, Levi packs his bags and rushes off to Los Angeles—the last place he wants to be, but the one place where no one will recognize him.

Zara Phillips loves two things: her husband Van, and the band she created with her brother. To her, her life is perfect. That is until she discovers that her husband is cheating on her. The paparazzi are relentless, forcing a devastated and heartbroken Zara to stay hidden until the record label demands she shoot a video for the band's new single, driving her out of seclusion.

Levi is focused on his daughters, trying to do what’s best for them. Zara is determined to get away from everyone and everything in Los Angeles. When Levi spills hot coffee on Zara, everything changes. Two heartbroken people collide from opposite worlds--neither knowing who the other is, yet both are intrigued by one another.

When Levi offers her sanctuary at his home in Nashville, Zara jumps at the opportunity to disappear… with the hopes that Levi will come with her. What transpires next are the lives of two very different people finding their path along a bumpy and unforgiving road, while being tested by their loved ones, the media, and an ex that doesn’t plan to go away quietly.

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